Oolong Green Tea

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Pattern: Tea can
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Origin: Sun Link Sea Forest
Nt Weight: 75 grams / Canister
Tea can: tea canister, paper bag, tea instruction card
Vacuum bag: tea instruction card


The high mountains and low temperatures slow down the growth of the tea leaves, but make them thicker. They have a smooth and tender texture, with a rich aftertaste. They also carry the fragrance of pine trees and have a unique mung bean flavor.

Tea craftsmanship a hundred years in the making

Mr. Lin's ancestors grew oolong tea in Dǒngdǐng and the central mountains of Taiwan. He once struggled balancing his parents' tea business and working other jobs. However, later he decided to follow in his ancestors' footsteps, and fully dedicate himself to preserving this family tradition. Mr Lin and Mrs. Lin craft delicious Taiwanese tea in the high mountains of Nantou.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Tea contains an amazing substance known as theanine, which helps reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and reduce stress

Manage body weight & figure

Caffeine, polyphenols, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and other substances in tea help to regulate fat, increase metabolism, and control weight

Lower cholesterol & balance blood sugar

Tea contains glucose, arabinose, ribose complex sugars, catechins, diphenylamine and other substances, which can reduce the source of blood sugar and regulate the body's blood sugar balance

Brewing Suggestions

Tea Amount:

3.5 grams

Water Temperature:


Water Amount:

250 cc

Brewing Duration:

Recommend brewing time: 4 minutes (*2 minutes for second brewing- adjust time for stronger or lighter taste)

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