About Us

Hello, friends, and welcome to metsalife.com. We are a family-run business which started on the beautiful island of Taiwan. 漫森 metsä was created by Stephen and Christy Kurkinen in 2023, with a desire to provide our customers the very best agricultural products available. 

For our first offering, our family has traveled to the far reaches of Taiwan, visiting local tea farmers, producers, and their families, eating together, and touring their farms and processing facilities, all with the goal of establishing fruitful and lasting relationships. These relationships are the very foundation of our business. With a high value placed on trust, communication, and cooperation, we are making sure you get the very best product, straight from the farm, to your table.

Not only that, we are working hard to source healthy products that you and your family can enjoy, with peace of mind. As a family with 7 girls, we want to invest in our children's future by supports farming operations that steward God' earth well, and have a positive impact on the world. We hope that you try our products for yourself, and taste and see the difference.

Our philosophy is that simple things over time can grow into something amazing! We want to provide you with the best-quality products, to help you relax and recharge, and to help create those special moments with family and friends.

We hope that through 漫森 metsä, everyone can experience a more natural, joyful, and fruitful life. Please join us on this journey to bring Taiwan’s very best to families around the world.

We’re just getting started!

Peace to you and yours,

Stephen, Christy, Adeline, Bethany, Joanna, Elizabeth, Olivia, Sarah, and Sophia