Shopping and Shipping Information

Shopping Guidelines

  • Full payment will be made before shipment of products.
  • After the order is completed, we will send you a proof of purchase confirmation email.
  • For purchases made outside of Taiwan, there will be a 1-2% overseas handling fee on your credit card.
  • Returns for damaged goods can be made using the packing slip in your original package.

Shopping Process:

  • We recommend creating a user account/subscribing to our website (to track order progress). Select the quantity and color of the items you wish to purchase (please double-check for any duplicate items in multiple orders, as changes cannot be made after order confirmation). Confirm the correct amount and quantity in your shopping cart. After successful order placement, we will send a confirmation email to your inbox. If you do not receive this email, please contact our customer service:
  • Choose the payment method and delivery method.

Please read the delivery instructions in detail.

Product Information:

Due to various factors such as lighting, and the fact that each batch of tea is unique, your product color and sizing may vary slightly from the product images shown on our website.
The picture is for demonstration purposes, however the product does not contain other ingredients. Please refer to the product description for full details.
If we are unable to provide you with a product due to it being out of stock, unavailable or incorrectly priced on our website, or due to a system error on our website, we will email you and try to fix any problems as soon as possible.
If the product is defective, we are happy to resend a replacement order. If after the 2nd attempt, you are still not happy with the order, we will not able to resend the product a third time. Thank you for understanding.
Our company uses safe and secure express payment gateways for convenient online transactions. Your payments and information are always protected, and you may use a variety of payment options, such as various credit cards, paypal, Apple and Google pay, and more.

Payment Coupon Notes:

Only one coupon may be used per online checkout. In-store and counter usage will be announced separately. After applying a coupon, the amount of each item cannot be reduced to zero. Items marked as "Not applicable for coupon use" cannot be discounted with a coupon. Each coupon can only be used once and cannot be refunded or restored once used. If you return or cancel part of the items in an order where a coupon was used, the coupon will become invalid and will not be returned. Coupons have an expiration date, and once expired, they cannot be used or restored. Coupons cannot be used to discount shipping fees.

┃Payment Methods

► Credit Card Payment:

When using a credit card for payment, the webpage will redirect you to the 3D authentication authorization page. After completing the authentication, the transaction will be processed. The entire transaction process is securely encrypted, and your credit card information will not be stored on the website. You can safely use your credit card for payment! Credit cards supported include Visa, MasterCard, or JCB.


┃Shipping Methods

 ► Home Delivery:

Your order will be sent by the post office, and the package will be delivered to your home within regular shipping times. metsä will ship out your order within 1-7 working days after the order is finalized, and the actual delivery during will be arranged by the Postal Service provider.
The actual delivery process and time will be arranged by the staff of the Postal Service.
Please refer to the delivery time and shipping cost for each region.

Other Notes:

For special urgent orders, please contact us by mail (, thank you!
Business hours are from Monday to Friday, we're closed on Saturday and Sunday.
If we are unable to process your order, we will notify you within 7 working days after we receive your order.
If your order is delayed, please contact our customer service hotline: 0972849669.
Thank you for your patience with us!