Honey-Scented Black Tea Bag (Value Pack)

Place of Origin: Hualien, Taiwan
Quantity: 3 grams per teabag; 10 teabags per pouch
Quantity: 3 grams per teabag; 20 packs per pouch
Product specifications: kraft paper, resealable bag
Sale price$399 TWD
大小: 30g/10pack
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The tea soup is a brilliant amber color, with a taste of honey and ripe fruit.

East Coast Taiwan, Award-winning, Single-Farm Tea

Mr. Lin's father planted 24,000 tea plants, but as he became older, his son took over the tea farm management. Mr. Lin is dedicated to his craft, and works diligently to manage and manufacture the finest Taiwanese tea.
The tea gardens are like a beautiful green patchwork on the mountain slopes of Liushi shi (60 stone) mountain. Mr. Lin is known both in Taiwan and internationally for his many tea competition awards. All this is possible through the support of his wife and their four precious daughters.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Tea contains an amazing substance known as theanine, which helps reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and reduce stress

Manage body weight & figure

Caffeine, polyphenols, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and other substances in tea help to regulate fat, increase metabolism, and control weight

Lower cholesterol & balance blood sugar

Tea contains glucose, arabinose, ribose complex sugars, catechins, diphenylamine and other substances, which can reduce the source of blood sugar and regulate the body's blood sugar balance

Brewing Suggestions

Tea Amount:


Water Temperature:


Water Amount:


Brewing Time:

2-3 minutes (*2 mins. for second brewing- adjust time for stronger or lighter taste)

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