Ribbon/Smile Necklace in Sterling Silver-Korea

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Style: Butterfly Bow
We love to be close to and immersed in nature.
We hope to convey our joy and feelings to you through the designs we choose.

- Butterfly Bow Necklace in Sterling Silver
Product Tags: 925 sterling silver, small chain.
Size: Chain length 25cm
- Smile Stripe Necklace in Sterling Silver
Product tag: 925 sterling silver, small chain.
Size: Chain length 25cm
(Indoor natural light, each photo has some color difference)

Note before purchasing jewelry:
※ Consideration of personal hygiene, jewelry purchased does not accept exchanges
※ Sterling silver jewelry will oxidize over time is a normal phenomenon.
※ Alloy electroplated sterling silver is sterling silver as the base material, coupled with the surface of the gold plating, so the gold plating layer itself, or with the wearing time and gradually faded.
If you are concerned about color fading, please buy sterling silver pin jewelry.
※ The allergy to the gold plating varies depending on the sensitivity of your skin. If you think you are allergic to the gold plating, please consider your condition before purchasing.

Gentle and clean

As we sell earrings in different materials
Gently wipe with mild soapy water or a cleaning cloth (eyeglasses cloth is fine).
If dirt builds up over time, soak for a few minutes and wipe clean.

Save the collection

When not wearing it, put it into a zipper bag or velvet bag or storage box to avoid long-term contact with the air and accelerate oxidization and yellowing.
You can put desiccant in the place where you put the jewelry to prolong the oxidization of the jewelry.

Reduced oxidation

It is recommended not to wear jewelry in hot springs, sports, seaside, etc. to reduce the occurrence of oxidation.