What is Eco+?

From the very beginning of metsä our family has been committed to sourcing only the very best produce from local artisan farmers. We want to provide a unique and healthy experience to each of our customers by sourcing small-batch, single-source tea and other products from farmers that we know personally.

We want to be good stewards of God's green earth, and make it better for future generations. All metsä teas are tested and certified, and related information can be found on the product page for each unique tea. 

Eco+ is our way of saying that the product is no-spray. It may cost more, but in the end, everyone benefits- the farmer works in a healthier environment, and gets paid well for their work; our business builds a brand and trust by providing only the highest quality products; and you get to enjoy the very best products at a reasonable price. So know that the 'Eco+' represents the very best for our environment and for you. 

Thank you for your support, and cheers to your good health! 

Stephen and Family